Five people reported for harassment or sexism at state broadcaster Radio New Zealand

Five Radio New Zealand employees have been accused of sexual harassment, sexual misconduct or sexism in the last five years – three of whom have left the broadcaster as a result.

The other two people were no longer working for RNZ at the time the allegations were raised with management. No changes have been made to RNZ’s sexual harassment policy changes as a result of the complaints.

RNZ, which released information to the Herald under the Official Information Act, would not reveal more details about the timing of the allegations.

Nor would the broadcaster say what payouts – if any – were made in connection with these cases.

The Herald revealed last year that a senior RNZ staff member was stood down – and then left the broadcaster – after allegations of sexual harassment.

It’s understood more than 15 people were interviewed as part of that investigation.

One of the women, who asked not to be identified, told the Herald at the time in her opinion he was a “creepy” man who preyed on young, vulnerable women.

She said then she was “at the receiving end of some of his sexist comments” and she believed he did it on purpose to make some women feel uncomfortable.

The woman believed the man’s behaviour was “not a well-kept secret” and because he was older and some of the women were in their 20s she believed it was “a really revolting power-dynamic difference”.

RNZ said this week in a statement it did “certainly hope” that staff felt safe to report harassment or misconduct in the workplace.

“There have been no policy changes but we did relaunch of our Dignity at Work guidelines so everyone is clear about what is acceptable and what is not in the workplace and how to raise/address workplace issues.”

The guidelines document is aimed at “reinforcing awareness of appropriate behaviour in the workplace,” and supporting people who are aware of or subjected to harassment or bullying, and it outlines what they can do about it.

RNZ said the organisation was comfortable with how the allegations were handled.

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