Fishmongers at war as vicious feud erupts after neighbour ‘copies’ shop

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Two fishmongers are in a dispute over the branding of their stores as one is blaming the other for copying his design.

Fish Universe boss Rafa Kashedi, 34 said his neighbour turned his store Meat Wize from a butcher's into a fishmonger, selling produce at a thirty per cent discount.

Fish World opened six weeks ago and the owner Muhammad Saeed Chaudry copied the branding and the uniforms.

Mr Kashedi of Fish Universe opened in 2014 and said the store opening next door in Tooting, South London, is 'not funny'.

Mr Kashedi told The Sun: “They have just blatantly copied us. It is disgusting. How can they do this?

“I feel like we’ve been stabbed in the back. He should have spoken to me before he did this. I could have helped him but instead, I just turned up one day and it was like this.”

“They are trying to steal our customers. They don’t allow Tesco and Sainsbury’s to open next door.

“When they were a meat shop we’d send each other customers, but now it’s no longer funny.

"It is affecting our business, some of our customers are confused, and think we are the same place."

Both stores source from London’s Billingsgate Market but the world and the universe can't seem to agree on a sustainable plan for the shoppers.

Fish Universe put up a sign in the shop to reassure customers.

It tells shoppers that the two businesses aren't connected in any way and says: "We are a highly qualified fishmonger and we are passionate about fish and the environment."

Mr Kashedi said he and his neighbour don't speak anymore.

He explained: "We used to say 'Hi' and 'How are you' everyday for the last three years, then one day they do this.

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"I don't speak to them because there's no point trying to reason with a person who does that.

"One of our customers went in there once and asked why they did it, but they were just told it isn't any of their business."

Fish Universe have now changed their 'signature' blue uniform to red in an attempt to distinguish themselves from their new competitor.

It has also put a notice up on its door which reads: "Fish Universe is not associated with Fish World and does not promote, endorse or support this shop.

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