Final Blockbuster to open for summer sleepover

For millions, Saturday night in the 1990s and 2000s meant browsing your local Blockbuster for a film, taking it home and kicking back on the sofa.

Then streaming happened, and movie-lovers could access the latest releases with the click of a button.

Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy in the US in 2010. Today, there is just one store left on the planet, in Oregon.

But now, locals will have a chance for one last Blockbuster sleepover inside the world’s final store.

Film fanatics from Deschutes County, Oregon, looking for a night of nostalgia will have the chance to be given the keys to the store for a night from 18 to 20 September.

The store – which will have three quarantine pods to ensure a socially distanced movie night – will be kitted out with a pull-out couch, bean-bags and pillows for visitors to cosy up with “new releases” from the ’90s.

…cause the last BLOCKBUSTER in the world will be offering movie lovers in Bend a 90s themed sleepover for a limited time—only on airbnb. who’s down? ?

End of Twitter post by @Airbnb

There will also be a boombox and retro video games for visitors to play into the night.

And the price? About the same cost of a rented ’90s VHS, at $4 (£3).

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