Feral pigs branded Porky Blinders ‘pose a danger’ as they terrorise Brit resort

Folk have been living in fear of a gang of feral pigs on the loose in a seaside resort.

The Porkie Blinders – described as destructive and wilful, solid, fast and strong’ – are believed to have escaped from recently sold-off farmland.

At least three have been spotted foraging around Silloth, Cumbria, for grub.

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Some said they were scared after being confronted by the pigs in the dark.

Adam Pearson, who lives in the 3,000-population Victorian resort near Carlisle, said he had encountered the big animals’.

Though they weren’t aggressive towards him he added: Any animal like that, that’s provoked, obviously will and can turn.’’

Diane Clorley, said on Facebook: "They are unpredictable and pose a danger.

"Our councillors should be doing something as well because of the damage with pigs rooting.’’

Viv Atherton, who lives nearby, added online: "No-one knows if these pigs are gentle or not or if they were pets.

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People don’t realise that even if they keep themselves to themselves they are destructive and wilful, solid, fast and strong.”

Kath Otsell, who also lives in the town, said: "It’s a tad unnerving coming face to face – literally in my case – with one when out walking the dog.

"Those pigs are huge!’’

Carole Blake called police after bumping into them while walking her dogs.

"I had three pigs walking towards me in the black dark,’’ she told the BBC.

"I managed to move a bit faster than the pigs.’’

She said they had broken out of pens on farmland and was worried about their welfare’.

An RSPCA spokesman said inspectors had visited the site the pigs were believed to have escaped from and secured it.

All the animals they had been able to trace had been contained in temporary pens prior to being rehoused in the new year.

The spokesman urged people to report any further sightings in case other hogs had managed to slip the net.

A Cumbria Police spokesman said they were `aware of reports about livestock being spotted in a public place in Silloth in recent days’.

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