Fatal vehicle crash in Aurora from steel bar leaves woman dead in

A fatal crash was caused on Friday by an unknown steel projectile.

The driver, a 44-year-old woman, was heading southbound on Interstate 225 near East Colfax Avenue in her maroon Cadillac SUV when the projectile came through the driver side window, resulting in the woman to be struck. Early investigations presumed the crash was caused by a medical issue.

Aurora Police Department Public Information Officer Crystal McCoy said the projectile is being described as a metal bar. Where the bar came from is still unknown.

“This caused the Cadillac to collide with another vehicle, causing minor damage to that vehicle,” according to a news release. “The Cadillac continued on and collided with a concrete divider barrier.”

The woman was transported to a nearby hospital, but died due to her injuries. The exact cause of death has not been determined. It is speculated that it was either crashing into the concrete divider barrier, from being hit with the metal projectile or a combination of both.

There was no alcohol, drugs or speeding that attributed to the cause of the crash.

The identity of the woman has yet to be released.

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