Fashionistas splashing out £2,200 to look like Harry Enfield’s The Scousers

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Fashionistas are splashing out £2,200 to look like Harry Enfield’s The Scousers.

Designer Balenciaga is knocking out a range of trackies that Gary, Barry and Terry from the comedy sketches would just love.

But the Scouse trio would need to tell their bank manager to “calm down” if they forked out £1,250 on a blue and white top and £950 for matching pants.

And a neon track top will set them back £1,350.

Created in the 90s The Scousers were played by Gary Bleasdale, Harry Enfield, Joe McGann, and later Mark Moraghan.

The inspiration for the gobby group were Barry Grant and Terry Sullivan from Merseyside soap Brookside.

The Scousers were a staple of regular sketches in Harry Enfield's Television Programme in the early 1990s.

The trio were usually depicted with Kevin Keegan-style bubble perm hairstyles and bushy moustaches. They were synonymous with wearing shell suits and speaking in exaggerated Scouse accents.

Their common catch phrases included: "Eh? Eh? Eh?" They were also famous for saying: "Dey do do dat dough don't dey dough," which translates as: "They do do that though, don't they though.")

The sketch has since been accused of perpetuating stereotypes about people from Liverpool.

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The catch phrase of: "Calm down! Calm down" was the input of Bleasdale as he changed the scripted original, which was "Break it up 'ey, come on, break it up," during the first rehearsal.

The characters had allegiances to the city's two huge football teams with Garry being an Everton fan and Barry and Terry being big Liverpool supporters.

This lead to even more disagreement.

Other popular characters in Harry Enfield's Television Programme included The Slobs and Tim Nice But Dim.

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