Farmer’s wife wakes up to mouse chewing her eyeball as rodent plague rages on

A farmer's wife was horrified to wake up to a mouse chewing on her eyeball.

The woman was rushed to hospital after waking up to the shocking scene as Australia's rodent plague continues to destroy everything in its wake.

Experts have described it as the country's worst rodent outbreak in more than 30 years, reports with many people being attacked by the disease-ridden beasts, The Times reports.

Another farmer was fast asleep when he felt something small scuttling across his face.

Mick Harris, who lives in Narromine, around 250 miles from Sydney, said: "I felt a tickly, furry sensation as it crawled from behind my ear across my cheek.

"It made my skin crawl. My hair stood up and I jumped out of bed.

"For the rest of the night I didn’t sleep a wink — until I caught the mouse in a trap under the bed."

Mick's wife experienced a similar horror weeks earlier when she felt a mouse nibbling on her wedding ring.

He added: "It does make you worry that when they wake up crying it’s because they have a mouse in their bed."

There have been calls for the plague to be declared a "natural disaster" so Australians can claim insurance payouts after a house was torched, cars were destroyed and crops left decimated.

The rodents have been causing havoc and with the Australian winter setting in, home and car owners have been forced to deal with rats and mice looking for warmer places to live.

A farmer almost died after catching rodent-borne disease lymphocytic choriomeningitis.

Darrell Jordison said he was lucky to survive.

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The vermin also ate through electrical wires which sparked a house fire in Narrabri, New South Wales, while cars have been damaged.

Major insurance companies have told customers that general home and contents insurance and car insurance does not protect against rats and mice unless there are other effects, such as a fire or floods.

Mum-of-three Shirilee Jackson, 31, who lives in Mandagery, New South Wales, said a swarm of rats and mice left her car damaged beyond repair in just one night.

Mechanic Andrew McKenzie said the damage caused by rodent infestations was getting worse while farmer Anne Cullen has found herself killing 50 mice a day by hand as they take over her home and hay stores.

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She told The Times: "The first time I had to pick a mouse out of the pool and smash it on the cement to kill it, I thought: ‘Oh gosh, I can’t do this.’ But then I was doing 50 a day."

Xavier Martin, vice-president of the New South Wales Farmers’ Association, described trying to contain the problem as "like trying to control Covid on a cruise ship".

In just three months, two mice can grow to a colony of almost 400, rapidly spawning to tens of thousands.

A mouse can live for up to two or three years – and females can start reproducing at just six weeks of age.

They can give birth to ten babies every three weeks and the mum can get pregnant again the very next day.

Experts have warned "without a concerted baiting effort in the next few weeks this could easily turn into a two-year plague event".

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