Farmer ‘killed pregnant woman, cut her stomach open and removed unborn baby’

A pregnant woman has reportedly been murdered after having her stomach cut open and unborn baby removed.

Godfred Aladago, a 25-year-old farmer, has been taken into custody by the Tepa District Police for allegedly killing the pregnant woman in Atobra, a suburb of Tepa in the Ahafo Ano North Municipality of the Ashanti Region in Ghana.

According to witnesses, the dispute arose from an initial misunderstanding when the suspect alleged that the recently deceased's goat had trespassed onto his house and ate his farm produce.

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The Tepa District Police Commander Superintendent Martin Asenso confirmed the tragic circumstances of the alleged murder and stressed that while the suspect was held in cells, the members of the youth community almost managed to break their way into the cells to attack the accused killer.

Superintendent Asenso followed up with details on the story and the escalation of the situation.

“The suspect earlier came to lodge a complaint that some farmer's goats had strayed and they had been eating his farm produce, and when he confronted them, they chopped his hand with a machete, ” Supt. Asenso told Akoma Fm.

He further added that “a few irate youngsters arrived at the police station and claimed that the suspect had actually killed two women, saying their goat had chewed his maize".

It has been reported that Aladago also tried to call the pregnant victim's 17-year-old in law but she managed to escape.

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A neighbour is reported as saying: "I got wind of the information following a distress call so I rushed to the police to make enquiries.

"The suspect was seen with knife wounds and had reported himself to the police. This is barbaric and the man must be brought to justice."

The region of Atobra, Tepa will surely need time to recover from the circumstances of this heinous crime.

Despite the shocking details of this murder, farm attacks and murders are not unheard of in the continent of Africa.


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