Fans fuming at price of a ticket to visit Queen’s grave calling Firm ‘grifters’

Royal Family fans have been left enraged by the price of a ticket to see Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's grave.

Those wanting to pay their respects to The Queen at her final resting place will also have to pay a hefty £28.50 to head inside and take a peek.

Furious fans took to Twitter and labelled the Royal Family as "grifters" for charging such a price to visit the late Monarch, who is entombed inside the King George VI Memorial Chapel.

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Her resting place places her beside husband Prince Philip, as well as her parents in a unique Royal vault, which members of the public can visit for a price.

One irate Royal fan took to Twitter and wrote: "The Royal Family are grifters. As of next week you can pay £28.50 to see the Queen's final resting place. Roll up! Roll up!"

Another user joked: "It might not be her final resting place, the attraction could become so lucrative they will take her on tour."

The current price of visiting King George VI Memorial Chapel and the Queen's grave within it is £28.50 for a weekend visit.

But punters hoping to cut costs can wait until a weekday and head into the Chapel for £26.50.

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Either way, the price was not pleasing for the collection of Royal fans complaining of the price, with one asking if they did a "BOGOF offer" similar to that of takeaway chain Domino's.

Another user added: "Gotta love the grift!"

Some even questioned why they had to pay to see it, and one Twitter user wrote that the price was "peeing on our heads" during the cost of living crisis.

They said: "In a country where people are struggling to get by with the rising prices of living this is just peeing on our heads."

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