Family-run shop forced to change name of Percy Pig ice cream after M&S letter

A family-run ice cream shop has been forced to change the name of its Percy Pig ice cream after M&S sent a cease and desist letter – with a packet of its famous sweets chucked in for good measure.

Fabio's Gelato, based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, received the letter after making the unique ice cream for only a week, and were shocked by the cease and desist letter.

Marks said owner Fabio Vincineti could not use the name of the product – as since 1992 Percy Pig could only be used on "official M&S products" and even suggested "something like Pig Faces or Pig Sweets would be fine".

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The high street giant also included a packet of sweets with the letter.

Fabio, who owns the business with his wife Hannah, said: "Just before the Kings coronation we made the ice cream and advertised it.

"The day we actually started selling it was the day we were sent the letter. It said we were more than welcome to use the product but not the name.

"The letter was really fair and was a nice way of saying stop using the name."

An M&S spokesperson said it was "flattering that he’s inspired Fabio’s new gelato".

"I get they've worked really hard to create the brand name, so it's understandable. They gave us alternative name ideas and even sent a packet of sweets," Fabio said.

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"It's the first time we've been sent a letter like this. We always just thought we were too small – we're a drop in the ocean. To be spotted by them is quite flattering really.

"Because M&S have done so well with the brand I know they get copied by other supermarkets a lot – we even tweeted Aldi as a joke asking for a chat."

Fabio has since opened an online competition, which has had 120 entries so far, asking customers to come up with a new name for the ice cream.

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