Family heartbroken after dog suffers severe injuries plunging 20ft from roof

A family is begging for help after their beloved dog suffered horrific injuries on holiday.

Willow, who is an adorable six-year-old Bearded Collie, was left in agony and her family heartbroken after she fell 20ft from their rented cottage in Wales and plunged onto the road below, as they watched on in horror.

Described by her owner James Oswald as a "freak accident", it resulted in the pooch suffering two dislocated paws and serious ligament damage which needed reconstructive surgery.

After she fell from the roof on Monday, August 10, during their holiday in Dinas, Pembrokeshire, James recalled how he immediately pelted outside to run to his much-loved dog.

He told Wales Online : "Instantly it was clear that Willow was not in a good way and had seriously damaged both of her front legs and jaw.

"Shocked and devastated we picked her up and rushed her to the nearest vets in Fishguard.

"They diagnosed that she had dislocated both front paws and one had pierced her skin but they managed to put them back in place.

"There was however serious ligament damage in both legs and she would need to see a specialist in Bristol and we were to take her straight there."

Describing her other injuries, Mr Oswald said: "She lost some teeth when she fell, but they think her jaw is OK but they will need to remove her remaining lower front teeth.

"We then have the additional rehabilitation and medication she will need for a substantial amount of time following any operation procedure they decide she needs. Unfortunately, it will take six-months plus for her to recover from, if she can recover at all."

The family, including James' wife Suzie and young son Noah, they put their holiday on hold and rushed Willow to Bristol to get her the care she needed.

Following a three-and-a-half hour trip to Highcroft Referrals in Bristol, they found out the horrifying sum for treatment.

A specialist there told the family Willow needed emergency corrective surgery to implant new man-made tendons to replace the ruptured ones in both her leg and paw joints at a cost of £10,000.

They were then informed that further surgery to rebuild the tendons might be needed, which would cost a lot more.

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According to the specialist, if the tendons cannot be fixed and Willow's "ankle" joints need to be fused, it would cost £18,000 for both legs.

Vets are planning to reconstruct Willow's ligaments using twine and are flying in two specialist casts that can be moulded to her legs.

Speaking of their love for Willow and their desperation to give her this comfort, James told the publication: "We've been sensible and insured her since birth but unfortunately the emergency veterinary bills for the freak accident she's had go far far far beyond the maximum claim on her insurance payout.

"It goes without saying we're doing what we can financially to support her treatment but the truth is we've been told it could range from £10,000 to as high as £30,000.

"Nothing prepares you for the bills you face when something like this accident happens. The insurance payout is dwarfed by the potential fees the veterinary consultant has estimated."

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