Expert ‘can’t get head around’ how police ‘found nothing’ in Nicola Bulley dive

A river diving expert has said he cannot get his head around how police have not found anything when searching the river where Nicola Bulley disappeared.

Ms Bulley, 45, was last seen on Friday, January 27 walking her dog next to the River Wyre in Lancashire, with police continuing their investigations into her disappearance.

But diving expert Peter Faulding, head of a team that is currently searching for the mum-of-two, has said he cannot "get my head around" how police investigations have found nothing.

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Expert Faulding says that even after being "thoroughly searched" on the day of Nicola's disappearance, investigations so far had brought no sign of the 45-year-old.

Faulding said that searches carried out throughout today (February 7) would "include the area where Nicola's phone was found on the bench."

Said phone had been logged into a work call at the time of Nicola's disappearance, with the mum-of-two walking the family dog, Willow, at the time of her disappearance.

Expert Faulding continued, explaining that the area the phone was found at was "thoroughly searched on the day" of the mum-of-two's disappearance "by police divers".

He said: "That area was thoroughly searched on the day by police divers where Nicola went in, and these are very professional divers, and they never found nothing.

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"That's the odd thing about this. That's what I can't get my head around. It's very strange."

Faulding and his team are geared up with special sonar kit that may give them a better view of areas already explored by police, BBC reported, with the underwater experts set to retrace the steps of initial police searches.

The expert added: "We're going to go back over the area just in case. We don't know for certain that Nicola is in the river, but if she went in far enough she could drift down by now.

"We are going to go back over the original area that was searched twice by police. Sonar will image the river bed and see everything what's laying down there."

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