Ex-adult star Mia Khalifa ‘might never go back to US’ as she downs pints in UK

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Former porn actress Mia Khalifa has teased Brits with a message to her fans saying she might “never come back” to America and instead stay in London.

The 29-year-old star arrived in the capital on Friday and immediately immersed herself in British culture by gorging on a full English breakfast.

She joked on her Instagram that she wanted “a cuppa, mate” and treated her 27 million followers to a video of her rapping along to UK rapper Dave.

Today she sent her British followers into further rapture with a picture of her enjoying a tipple, hilariously captioned: “Two more pints and I might never come back.”

Mia, who has left her porn career behind, is today an influencer and famous personality.

She’s kept her fans updated whilst soaking up the sights of London and along with the pints, the boozy American has been enjoying British cups of tea.

In a post this morning, Mia showcased her second full English of the trip – complete with black pudding, which she asked for especially.

Although she hasn’t revealed the name of the hotel she’s staying at out of concerns for her security, it’s clear from her snaps that it isn’t a budget Premier Inn.

Pictures show a spacious room with a plush double bed and beautiful interior design with patterned mirrors and velvet lampshades.

During the luxury trip, Mia met celebrity hairdresser Lino Carbosiero MBE for a makeover appointment.

She captioned a video of her laughing while Lino and another stylist got to work on her with the joke: "I'm not the queen, but I am a royal pain in the ass."

But the beauty doesn’t just stick to taking pictures of her food and hair.

As well as documenting her makeovers, in the past she hasn’t been hesitant to call out mad Vladimir Putin.

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Last week, she posted a guide on how to make a Molotov cocktail and was even seen laughing at the Russian president on her Instagram story.

She joked: “Not going the way Russia is expecting it to though, is it? Finland, Sweden and Ireland are all expected to join Nato after this.”

It is unclear exactly how long Mia is staying in the UK, but her millions of followers will be keeping a close eye on her next move.

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