Europe in chaos: Explosion rocks Amsterdam as Netherlands erupts in protests again

Amsterdam: Explosion hits Osdorp neighbourhood during protests

Clashes began during protests over the weekend against a curfew imposed by the Dutch Government to fight the coronavirus pandemic. On Tuesday night the violence continued in Amsterdam with video posted on social media showing fires being lit and groups of youths congregating.

Across the country police in riot gear guarded city centres and made a number of arrests.

An unverified clip being shared on Dutch social media shows an explosion going off by the side of a van in the Osdorp suburb.

The video depicts an incendiary device suddenly explode spreading flames across the road.

The women who recorded the clip is heard to scream loudly.

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There are no reports of any casualties from the incident and on the video nobody appeared to be in the immediate vicinity of the explosion.

On Monday night police made 184 arrests across ten Dutch cities as violence erupted.

Police battled with rioters in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Amersfoort, Helmond and Den Bosch.

Police were attacked with rocks and fireworks whilst a number of vehicles were set alight.

In Rotterdam ten police officers were injured and looters broke into a number of shops.

A women in Den Bosch described the violence on Dutch radio.

She said: “I saw windows smashed and fireworks going off.

“Really crazy, just like a war zone.”


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Football ultras marched through the southern cities of Maastricht and Breda claiming they would protect them from rioters.

Wopke Hoekstra, the Dutch finance minister, described those responsible for the violence as “scum”.

The Dutch Government have refused protestors demands to lift the curfew.

The rioters were condemned as “shameless thieves” by Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb.

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He asked: “Does it make you feel good that you’ve helped ruin your city?

“To wake up with a bag full of stolen stuff beside you?”

On Saturday the Dutch government imposed a night-time curfew from 21:00 to 04:30 in a bid to stop coronavirus spreading.

Those caught breaking it were handed fines of €95 (£84).

The Dutch Government fears a new more infectious variant of coronavirus, first identified in the UK, is gaining ground in the country.

According to Johns Hopkins University 13,500 people have died from Covid-19 in the Netherlands so far.

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