Elle Brooke and sister get sick ‘incest’ requests after stripping off together

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    OnlyFans legend Elle Brooke has revealed some of the weirder and wilder direct messages she receives on the platforms, including grim suggestions of "incest".

    The Instagram influencer and her sister, Emily, confirmed they received requests to film X-rated OnlyFans content together from a few twisted users who should "go get help".

    Elle and Emily have filmed together for the platform in the past, but have a strict set of rules that they follow.

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    Saving Grace podcast host Grace Keeling suggested the duo send those messages "to the police", with Emily recalling one weirdo who confessed about fantasising over his sibling

    Undefeated boxer Elle said: "They love incest. They love it."

    Elle's sister and fellow OnlyFans content creator Emily added: "I get some people as well. They're like 'oh yeah, I kind of fancy my sister, do you?' and I'm like, I think maybe you should go get help."

    The pair have recorded "stripteases" together but with a strict set of rules in place.

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    Elle confirmed it was "nothing weird" and Emily explained further, with the boxing pair "not touching" in their recordings.

    "We had to take like 10 takes to film because we keep laughing because we're like, why are you being so weird," Emily said.

    Emily also dished the dirt on who had been subscribing to her account, with "old managers from work" finding themselves with a subscription to Elle's sister.

    Those "creepy managers" had "confirmed they were creepy" with their subscriptions, Emily added.

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