Election CHAOS: Trump supporting pastor issues gun violence threat – ‘What they deserve!’

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Rick Wiles, the senior pastor of the Flowing Streams Church in Florida, claimed being shot at is what “a bunch of traitors” deserved. He made the incendiary claims during an edition of his TruNews program last Wednesday.

Mr Wiles added that the US Justice Department had ruled that firing squads would be allowed in federal executions.

Right Wing Watch revealed the conspiracy theorist’s claims on Monday.

A tweet published on their Twitter account read: “End Times conspiracy theorist Rick Wiles hopes that Donald Trump and Bill Barr will line Democrats, the news media, leftists, scientists, and professors up against a wall and shoot them ‘because that’s what they deserve’.”

Mr Wiles went on to suggest entities including Democrats, scientists and professors had conspired with China’s Communist Party.

He said: “I’m not trying to be funny but [it’s been fast-tracked] because they plan to shoot some people.

”They’re gonna have a bunch of traitors.

“They’re gonna line ’em up against the wall and start shooting them. Because that’s what they deserve.”

“The Democrats, the news media—if the leftists, if scientists, professors have been working secretly with the Chinese Communist Party, then line them up against the wall and shoot them. That’s what you do with them.”

Mr Wiles controversial remarks come after a US election vote recount in one key swing state that cost Mr Tump’s campaign $3million found Joe Biden actually gained votes to increase his margin of victory.

The recount in the two largest counties in Wisconsin announced Mr Biden won in the key swing state by more than 20,000 votes.

The President-elect’s lead over Mr Trump was found to have increased by 87 votes.

BBC Newsnight Policy Editor Lewis Goodall revealed in a tweet that the recount in Wisconsin had cost Mr Trump’s campaign $3million.


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He added the recount found no evidence of electoral fraud and had instead shown “untabulated votes” for Mr Biden.

Mr Goodall tweeted: “The Wisconsin recount, requested by and paid for by the Trump campaign, is complete. The result?

“Biden gained 87 votes. As expected, he’s carried the state.

“The recounts of Wisconsin’s two most populous counties (Milwaukee and Dane) has cost the Trump campaign $3 million. It has uncovered no evidence of electoral fraud.

“Instead it discovered some untabulated votes which have (net) broken for Biden.

“Trump has nonetheless promised further litigation before the state’s certification.”

On Sunday, Mr Trump questioned whether the Supreme Court would hear a case around his claims of widespread election rigging.

He echoed his previous election fraud allegations during an appearance on Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures”.

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