Edmonton’s Print Machine launches ‘Here For Good’ T-shirts to support local business

As many businesses struggle to find ways to operate due to ongoing closures amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Edmonton’s Print Machine wanted to find a way to help.

So it launched the “Here For Good” campaign, featuring the logos of Edmonton businesses that want to participate on T-shirts. Through the campaign, people can then buy a T-shirt with their favourite local company’s logo on it, with all the proceeds after cost going right back to that company.

The campaign also includes several “Here For Good” T-shirt designs, not associated with any specific company. Sales from those will be pooled and split among all of the businesses involved.

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“We’re trying to work with our community members and do this campaign together to benefit everybody,” said Jacques.

Any local businesses are welcome to join and there is no fee to sign up.

Jacques added the campaign will also help keep Print Machine busy: it had to lay off 11 of its 15 employees due to COVID-19.

“That led us to some brainstorming… I can’t praise the team enough.”

The T-shirts retail for $19.95 and are available for pickup and delivery through the Print Machine website. About $10 from each shirt goes back to the local companies.

Local businesses interested in joining the campaign can email Print Machine at [email protected] 

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