EasyJet passenger dies after falling from escalator at Gatwick Airport

A disabled man has tragically died after suffering from a catastrophic fall from an escalator at Gatwick Airport.

The easyJet passenger was waiting for special assistance to help him exit the flight when he fell to his death on Wednesday (June 15).

The man, who is yet to be named, was said to be infuriated by the delays and tried to get off the plane before the freak accident took place at around 12.50pm.

A source told The Sun that his wife also needed special assistance after the plane had arrived at the airport.

“A member of staff came to take the woman into the airport but the man was left on the plane," the person explained.

“He must not have wanted to wait for the staff member to come back so made his own way into the terminal.

“While on the escalator the passenger fell down and suffered serious injuries as a result and died.

The source highlighted the ongoing issues with staffing which have impacted disabled people who have had to wait for assistance.

“This is a tragic incident which should never have happened," they added. "Someone should have been helping him."

It comes after a quadriplegic woman was recently left on a plane at the airport for 90 minutes.

Victoria Brig­nell said although her wheelchair arrived on time, the employees who were meant to support her were “busy elsewhere”.

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Paul Charles, from The PC Agency, commented on the Gatwick tragedy and said: “Questions will be asked about the lack of staff available to assist in the middle of the day when this flight arrived.

“It shows the increasing frustration of some passengers who can’t wait on aircraft for long periods hoping help may eventually arrive.”

It has been reported that the airport outsources its assistance services to provider Wilson James.

A spokesperson for EasyJet said: “A number of our cabin crew provided medical assistance to a passenger at Gatwick whilst waiting for paramedics, however, the passenger sadly passed away.

“Our thoughts are with their family and friends at this difficult time.”

The Daily Star has contacted easyJet and Gatwick Airport for comment.

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