Drunken yobs pet kangaroo and call hyena ‘buddy’ for attention in safari stunt

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    A group of young men were criticised for their irresponsible behaviour after they trespassed into an animal safari and petted wild animals.

    The Americans, who referred themselves as "four fun guys" on social media, posted their antics on TikTok when they visited a night safari outside operating hours in Singapore.

    The video, which has been reported to the police and safari managing company, Mandai Wildlife Group, shows the group getting at least a bottle of soju each at a shop before they head to Night Safari.

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    "We got drunk and went to an animal safari in Singapore," the caption read with a laughing emoji.

    As soon as they each finished a bottle of clear coloured spirit, they hopped on a tram inside the park and gave themselves a tour in the enclosure.

    "2:00am, Jonny jumps off a tram," as the group started exploring the area.

    One man said: "We're dead a** in the middle of this animal exhibit where there's no cages on anything."

    The clip then cut to show one of them reaching his hands out to a sleeping marsupial.

    "What are you doing? Oh my God, you're kidding! You're petting a f**ing kangaroo," his friend giggled.

    The group then ventured further into the animal's den.

    "I honestly don't know how we're going to get out of here but 10k likes we'll do this dumb shit again," another bragged.

    They soon spotted a hyena sniffing around the bushes before they headed out and attempted to climb a rock feature.

    The video cut shortly after a man confessed to his friends: "Dude I'm not gonna lie, I can't see past two feet."

    The safari managing grou responded to the incident: "Mandai Wildlife Group has been following the incident since the video was first published and reviewed the matter internally before lodging the police report in December.

    "Acts of trespassing and the intent to disrespect or endanger the animals in our care are viewed seriously and we will not hesitate to take action.

    "The welfare of our animals featured was our fist priority when this video began circulating, and they are all well."


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