Drug-taking bouncer who murdered Brit woman as they had sex in hotel room jailed

A drug-taking bouncer has been caged for 18 years for murdering a British heiress in what he claimed had been a sex game gone wrong.

Vile Marc Schatzle, 32, strangled 22-year-old Anna Reed with a towel in the couple's luxury hotel room in Switzerland.

The court heard that Anna, from a prominent horse racing family had lavished a staggering £50,000 on Schatzle during their whirlwind three-month relationship, the Mail Online reports.

But Schatzle killed her after she threatened to leave him on April 9, 2019.

Anna's family did not attend the trial in person but released a heartfelt victim impact statement.

Her dad and sister said: "Anna would light up a room when she walked in and she loved dancing, she loved her friends and she would always take care of them.

"They knew they could count on her and she was very generous.

"When she died it was her last summer of freedom before getting back to reality as she was going to go to university to study mathematics."

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Heavily-tattooed Schatzle, who is a dad of two, had claimed he accidentally suffocated Anna by accident during sex.

But his version of events was rejected by a panel of judges who found him guilty of intentional homicide.

Prosecutor Petra Canonica Alexakis had told the court how the penniless killer stole Anna's credit card and hid it in the hotel lift.

It was discovered five months after her death.

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Judge Mauro Ermani said: "It was an intentional homicide of a particularly high level, close to murder.

"His guilt is of a very high degree. He has proven to be able to kill a young woman who had given him love and money because he was unable to contain his emotions when he felt abandoned.

"The woman was killed with an intentional act.

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"A death from strangulation is not instantaneous: whoever causes it has time to see what is happening, sees the victim suffocate but does not stop."

In Swiss law, an 'intentional homicide' is when a person intentionally behaves in such a way that causes the death of another person.

Anna was on a year out travelling before heading to university to study maths when she met Schatzle in Thailand.

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There followed a whirlwind romance with the pair travelling to Vietnam, Singapore and the UAE together before heading to Switzerland.

Their extravagant lifestyle was funded by Anna.

In court, Schatzle said: "She liked sex clubs like the KitKat in Berlin. She also liked to drink – she was British."

He claimed Anna "loved it" when he choked her during sex.

After going to Switzerland, the couple checked into La Palma au Lac in Locarno, a luxury hotel.

The day before Anna died the pair went to see an apartment with a view to renting it in Ascona, with Schatzle claiming they were so in love they were already making plans to live together.

But on the night she died the couple were heard arguing by other guests.

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Glass was smashed, the phone was ripped from the socket and the word "money" was heard before Anna yelled "you're killing me" or "you're kidding me".

It was never determined which of these she screamed.

Just days before her death, Anna was informed she had received £30,000 from a relative.

At the same time, Schatzle's bank had blocked his credit card and he had the equivalent of just £163.41 in his pocket.

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