Drug cartel dump dead bodies ‘mummified in parcel tape’ next to chilling message

A drug cartel dumped the dead bodies of two men wrapped up like mummies in plastic and packing tape.

The grisly discovery was made earlier this week outside a government building in Tamuín, in the Mexican state of San Luis Potosi.

Police found the bodies after gruesome images of the scene did the rounds on social media. They had been placed in the middle of the road, in full view of motorists passing through the area.

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WARNING – disturbing images to follow…

The sealed corpses were seen alongside a message signed by the Gulf Cartel, one of the country's oldest drug trafficking organisations.

It was aimed at the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) – considered the most dangerous cartel in the country – and listed the names of several alleged members of the enemy gang.

Concerningly for police in the region, the Gulf Cartel also listed the jobs of some of those named. Several were identified as police officers, others were said to be lookouts.

The message read: "This will happen to all of those who support 'Romin Soni' and all of his people who are in Tamuín, the CJNG does not belong here."

Infobae reported the bodies have now been removed and autopsies will be carried out to determine their causes of death.

It has so far not been possible to identify the victims from their remains.

It was reported that the State Prosecutor's Office has launched a double homicide investigation.

The Gulf Cartel and the CJNG are just two of several cartels active in San Luis Potosi and vying for control of territory.

According to a leaked report from the Mexican Secretariat of National Defence (SEDENA), the Sinaloa Cartel, the Northeast Cartel and Los Alemanes all operate in the state as well.

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