Dozens of exotic snakes swarm streets after ‘escape from breeder’s home’

Terrified residents were horrified after seeing dozens of snakes escape from a breeder's home and slither their way into city streets.

Locals living in Morón de la Frontera in Seville, Spain, were urged to stay home as they were informed that nearly 50 snakes, some of them poisonous species, had escaped from an apartment.

Police were alerted after a woman reported and claimed to have found a python behind her sofa.

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Video taken by Alvaro Garcia, who fears the snakes might get into his home, shows the "real danger" the neighbours are facing.

"I swear if I find one and it could give me something dangerous as many are poisonous and I have a four-year-old son, so let's hope this ends now," he said.

"And now it has come to me…"

The first clip shows a dark-coloured snake wiggling on a marble doorstep before making a quick escape onto the cobblestone pavement and disaapearing as it creeps into the building next door.

A second one sees a smaller reptile making its way up along the wall to the electric cables.

He pans the camera and is shocked when he realises a second snake moving along the ledge.

One person commented: "I find one on my street and they have to take me in an ambulance."

Another said: "So it is now plagued with exotic snakes, let's be careful with our pets at home and keep an eye on them as the snakes can be inside the house.

"If you have a backyard, put ammonia in the syphon, it helps to scare the snakes away."

The local authorities were requested to take urgent measures to control the situation and guarantee the safety of all residents living in the area.

Some people called for officials to fine the breeder, with one saying: "Whoever breed the snakes should receive a fine, such a fine that they will remember very well what it is to have snakes in a house.

"Now we have to shelter from home because of this mess."


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