Donald Trump hints he would leave the US if he loses election to Joe Biden

President Donald Trump has said he might say goodbye to America for good if he loses the United States' presidential election.

Republican president Trump told a crowd in Macon, Georgia on October 16 he would leave the U.S. if he loses to Democrat Joe Biden.

He said running against Biden is the equivalent to running against the man he calls "the worst candidate in the history of politics".

Addressing the crowd, Trump mocked Biden and said running against him "puts pressure" on him to win because he couldn't bear to say he lost to Biden.

Trump went on to add the idea doesn't make him "feel so good" and questioned whether he'd have to "leave the country" instead of facing it.

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Donald Trump said: "Running against the worst candidate in the history of presidential politics puts pressure on me.

"Can you image? If I lose, what am I going to do?

"My whole life I’m going to have to say I lost to the worst candidate in the history of politics.

"I’m not going to feel so good, maybe I’ll have to leave the country."

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It comes just weeks after the 74-year-old president of the USA was struck down by Covid-19 in the middle of his presidential re-election campaign.

His diagnosis came after he spent months vilifying masks and even poking fun at Joe Biden for wearing a mask during their recent debate.

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Despite being released from Walter Reed Medical Centre and ordered to rest, the president immediately posed for a photo opportunity on the balcony.

Just days later Trump organised an in-person rally on the front lawn of the White House, which was attended by thousands.

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