Donald Trump gives crucial update on Boris Johnson’s coronavirus recovery

The US President has been in talks with Mr Johnson over a US and UK trade deal and their coronavirus responses. The phone call between the two leaders was scheduled by the Prime Minister as he prepares his return to work. The US president spoke of Mr Johnson’s improving health at a White House press briefing and remarked on his “tremendous energy”.

He said: “He called me a few days ago, I will tell you he sounded incredible.

“I was actually surprised… he was ready to go.

“I’m very surprised to tell you this.

“It’s like the old Boris, tremendous energy, tremendous drive.”

President Trump continued: “Because he called me almost pretty close to when he got out of the hospital, I think he’s doing great.

“He was so sharp and energetic, pretty incredible.

“He’s an incredible guy.

“He’s a friend of ours and a friend of mine, he loves our country, he loves his country a lot… and they’re lucky to have him over there.”

The Daily Telegraph said that Boris Johnson is telling friends he may return to Downing Street as early as Monday.

He was discharged from hospital on April 12 after being put in intensive care with symptoms of COVID-19.

He has been recovering in Chequers while Deputy PM Dominic Raab has been leading the UK’s coronavirus response.

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The Prime Minister’s official spokesman has also painted a positive picture for Mr Johnsons recovery.

He told reporters last night: “The Prime minister spoke with the First Secretary of State yesterday and he had an audience with Her Majesty the Queen by telephone last night.

“He has spoken with No 10 staff and with the First Secretary of State and he has had a call with the US president and with Her Majesty the Queen.

“He is being sent regular updates on government business but it is still the case that he is not doing government work.”

The news follows the UK’s daily coronavirus death toll in hospitals falling to 616, down from 861 a week earlier.

Chief scientist Sir Patrick Vallance said the epidemic was ‘heading in the right direction’ as figures showed hospital admissions with the virus down 10 per cent in a week.

He has come under fire for refusing to release SAGE discussions until after the pandemic has passed.

Vallance said: “Once SAGE stops convening on this emergency the minutes of relevant SAGE meetings, supporting documents and the names of participants (with their permission) will be published.”

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