Dog owner hits back after being filmed whacking her pets with shovel

A woman filmed battering one of her dogs with a spade says she was saving her elderly Labrador's life.

Neighbours shot the video which has prompted an RSPCA investigation, and can be heard shouting: "Stop hitting your dogs with a spade."

Stacey Mabin owns ten dogs who she told Devon Live are not all meant to be let outside together but a fight between them broke out when her cane corso set upon her old labrador.

Since the clip of her using a spade to break up the fight, Stacey form Buckfastleigh, Devon, said her family has received death threats.

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Stacey said: "Obviously I know the video does look bad. It looks horrendous. But I wasn't willing to let my 12-year-old Labrador die.

"I have not done any harm to any of my dogs. Zara the elderly dog had to be treated by the vet after she was attacked by the other dogs – but they are all fine now.

"All I did was save Zara's life using the only thing I had to hand at the time – a shovel."

Stacey said that the RSPCA told her that she had done the "only thing I could do" and also praised her son as well.

The 13-year-old appears in the video to help his mum tackle the situation.

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Stacey added: "Bless him, nobody asked him, but he just appeared from nowhere to help me and did what had to be done.

"Even the RSPCA lady who came around fell in love with a few of the dogs and wanted to take them home.

"They investigated but they closed the case straight away – they said if it was an every day occurrence it would be a different matter. But it's not."

Stacey explained that all the dogs used to be at a farm together.

"The Labrador Zara is getting old and she's not well. She's got tumours everywhere," she said.

"The dog you can see me hitting with the shovel is Karma, an Italian cane corso mastiff. They are a guardian protection breed.

"Normally her and Tilly the terrier are best friends. But he's got little dog syndrome and she's always brushed it off.

"But she has been in season for over three months. We are taking her to a vet because anybody who has dogs knows that's not right and it turns a bitch grumpy, even though they are not an aggressive breed of dog.

"The problem was that they got accidentally let out together. I have a system and only certain dogs go outside at one time.

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"I was asleep on the sofa and I woke up to see my Labrador being pulled apart. What else could I do?"

Along with the RSPCA, officers from Devon and Cornwall Police came to investigate after being sent the video footage.

Neighbours said they were worried about the dogs' safety.

But Stacey said her sons have had to be pulled from school after receiving death threats.

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