Dog ‘holds back tears’ after an awkward home haircut by money-scrimping owner

A dog looked like she was "holding back tears" after her owner decided to save money she'd spend at the dog groomer and give her pooch a simple trim at home.

In a hilarious video, uploaded on TikTok by user @fernaliciousdeff she lies in bed as she films and explains she had made a terrible mistake.

First off, she shows a cute picture of her Chihuahua mix pooch who has fairly long golden and black fur.

Then she shows the dog after the haircut, who has been given such a close shave she looks like a "different breed" according to viewers.

Predictably, the funny video has been watched more than 3 million times since it was uploaded on March 11, and thousands of people have piled into the comments sections.

One sole fan said: "Wait that’s actually good. My dogs are always patchy when I do it."

But other people suggested the mutt looked like a street dog or had aged a number of years.

"Did you change her entire breed as well?" quipped one.

"Changed its breed," agreed another.

A third user joked: "From Yorkie to 12-year-old dog found on the street."

Someone else said it could have worse, commenting: "I literally paid $70 and my Yorkie came out like that and I was so sad."

In the comments, the dog’s owner joked her pooch had been "holding back tears" and would "never be the same dog".

She later added: "Listen she’s okay. She was shocked at first but now she’s vibing."

Obviously, the pooch's fur will grow back and look just as beautiful as it did before.

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