Doctors cut bloke’s stomach open to remove deodorant can he shoved up his bum

Doctors were left with no other choice than to cut open the stomach of a bloke who had lodged a deodorant can up his bum.

His aerosol anus troubles provided surgeons with a unique worry as they figured out how to extract the item without damaging the unnamed 30-year-old.

A recent medical journal report has since documented the agonising stomach pains the Iranian man complained of, with a clear cause of said pain found lodged in his behind.

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Two hours on from sliding the can up his bum, the man decided the best course of action would be to seek medical attention after it became stuck there.

While he had previously experienced "uncomplicated" rectal body insertion, the medical journal made no mention of whether other times had been with a can of deodorant.

Surgeons took no chances and cut into the stomach of the unnamed man, removing the canister the same day he lodged it up there.

His time under the knife at the Tehran University of Medical Sciences' emergency wing left the bloke in hospital for an extra day as he recovered from the canister's removal, Daily Mail reported.

An X-ray has since been released, showing the bloke had seemingly brushed his spine with the can.

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No signs of anal bleeding or cuts were noted by the journal and it seems the man was thankfully unscathed after he got too close for comfort with the antiperspirant.

Surgery was the only option for the unnamed bloke, who was in such agony he could not sit through a rectal exam or any procedure not set on removing the can from inside him.

It would appear the man had been using the can for sexual pleasure, with the NHS recommending a "flared base" for items lodged in bums.

The 30-year-old saw a psychiatrist and enjoyed a day of bed rest before being released from hospital.

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