Denver weather: More windy weather Friday before sunny weekend

Denver is in for a sunny weekend with temperatures in the 40s and 50s before a winter storm hits the area early next week.

Friday is expected to have some lingering gusty winds during the afternoon, with the mountains getting gusts as high as 55 mph and the plains getting gusts up to 35 mph. The winds over the plains will decrease in the evening, but the foothills and eastern slopes could still get some high winds.

The mountains will see more snow flurries in the late afternoon and early evening as well.

Denver will continue its pattern of having mild, sunny days as the high Friday reaches 48 degrees. Friday’s low will drop to 21 degrees, then Saturday will have a high of 49 degrees.

A relatively warmer Saturday night with a low of 27 degrees will then lead to a warm Sunday with a high near 60 degrees at 59 degrees.

Monday will start out the same way as the high reaches 52 degrees, but the temperature will drop quickly to a low of 21 degrees as a winter storm brings snow back to metro Denver in the evening. Most of the snow will fall overnight Monday and Tuesday morning.

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