Delighted men drive off in car with ‘free’ sign before finding corpse in boot

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Two men who thought they'd hit the jackpot when they found a vehicle sporting a "free car sign" and the key inside were shocked to find a dead body in the boot.

The two men had reportedly driven the car from Byram to Copiah County in Mississippi, the US, before realising they had been taking a road trip with a corpse.

The body was tragically identified as 34-year-old Anthony Mccrillis.

Coroner Ellis Stuart confirmed that his body had been in there several days and had been undressed.

“He was identified through his tattoos and confirmed through his immediate family of his identity,” Byram Police Chief David Errington said.

Police have not yet been able to determine where the original crime took place.

Chief Errington said an officer spotted Mccrillis’ car parked on the side of Old Byram road at 9:30am on Saturday morning, September 18.

The manager of Starz Auto Sales, Dan Peacock, said he passed by the car a number of times on Saturday.

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But the vehicle had disappeared by Sunday.

Mr Peacock said: “I figured somebody was driving down here to sell it. We buy a bunch of cars. I figured somebody was driving down to sell it, and it quit on them or something. Just never dawned on me that something like that went on.”

The police chief confirmed that Mccrillis was seen alive just a few days ago.

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“We do know that our victim was alive at 9pm on Friday night,” he said.

“He was seen on a home surveillance video.”

The body unusually had no signs of obvious trauma and the car will now be processed for evidence.

An autopsy is due to be done to determine the cause of death.

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