Deaf rescue cat with poor vision is still ‘100% feline’ when he spots a box

A deaf cat with poor vision has melted hearts on social media after an adorable video emerged of him playing with a paper box.

Reddit user Decabria shared the footage of her white short-haired cat, Thomas, on a sub group where it has been upvoted more than 5,000 times in just 24 hours.

She found out the rescue cat was completely deaf after seeing his reaction to loud noises, keys, singing birds and even other meowing cats.

Thomas showed no response to any of those, but he changed when the owner gave him a card box.

In the clip, the owner throws the packaging box of a handheld vacuum cleaner on the floor and the next second, the curious moggie hops onto the box and fits his head inside.

Thomas gets so excited that he keeps pushing the box as he tries to snuggle in.

The owner, who brought him home three weeks ago, wrote: "It turns out the cat we recently rescued is 100% deaf. This does not stop him from being a 100% cat."

She also explained that Thomas was on the streets for eight months.

"He does have heterochromia (odd eyes), his visuals don't work as well," she added. "I let him smell treats and then he tries to jump on my hand and steal them instead of going to his bowls."

The video has won over the hearts of viewers, and some commented that Thomas' disability makes him much more lovable and special.

One animal lover wrote: "He is one beautiful charmer."

Another penned: "Who needs ears when you are the greatest kitty ever?"

The owner added that Thomas is very vocal as he purrs and meows so loud that she could hear him "two metres away".

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