Daughter’s fury as vulnerable 89-year-old man ‘fed raw bacon sandwich by carers’

A daughter has spoken out after her 89-year-old father was served a ‘raw bacon’ sandwich by his carers.

Justine Iddon, from Liverpool, posted a photo of her dad’s late night supper on Facebook detailing how his dad was served uncooked meats after he requested a bacon sandwich.

Her father sadly took a bite of the sandwich before quickly realising her had been served a raw bacon butty.

In the post, Justine said: “So this was served up to my dad's 89 year old neighbour last night for his supper !!!! He never asks his carers for anything just a cup of tea x he asked for a bacon butty – not too much to ask I don’t think – and this was put in front of him and he actually took a bite – good job he’s all there and realised it was actually raw bacon just taken out the packet and thrown on bread!!!! Fuming how anyone could actually go into a caring profession and offer this to an elderly vulnerable person!!!!”

The post has both angered and disgusted many Facebook users after the post went viral with thousands of likes, shares and comments.

One user wrote: “Whats happened to care. Its disgusting how people are being treated. It's not hard to be a caring person and help others.”

While another added: “As a carer myself I’m disgusted!! I’ve never seen anything like that in my life. it takes a couple of minutes to cook bacon no time at all. Managers of these companies are desperate and hiring anyone! Disgusting. I personally work in a care home not the community but people giving a CARING job should show care for people they look after!”

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Some other users suggested that the incident may have been a genuine mistake with the suggestions they were young, vegetarian/vegan or got confused with parma ham, which is eaten raw in some European countries.

Many users have advised Justine to make an official complaint over the incident.

We have reached out to Justine for further comment on the incident with her father and the carers.

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