Daredevil ‘eaten alive’ by snake in pigs’ blood stunt, mocked for sudden rescue

A resurfaced video shows the heart-stopping moment a TV daredevil almost became lunch for a 20-foot anaconda during a stunt before he was saved by his team.

Paul Rosolie, 27, an American wildlife conservationist, tracked down the 18st predator by the Amazon river in South America and set himself up as bait by slathering himself in pigs' blood and crawling on all fours towards it.

The footage, which first aired as part of the 'Eaten Alive' documentary on the Discovery Channel back in 2014, showed the snake following its natural hunting instincts as it pounced at him and latched onto his head.

His wife, Gowri, and the camera crew watched on as the snake coiled its way around his body to try and crush him to death – and it came close.

The bloke started to feel his arm break from the pressure and strength of the beast, so he ordered his team of fellow naturalists, doctors and vets to save him as the top of his head was in its jaws.

After viewing the show, Twitter users brutally ripped into the bloke for asking for help to get out of a life-threatening situation that he put himself in.

One user wrote: "They should rename #EatenAlive alive to look for snakes for 1.5 hours and then Try to be eaten alive but only get a scratch on my arm."

Another added: "I hope Paul is happy despite letting an entire nation down. I can't believe he can show his face on tv right now. What a wuss #EatenAlive."

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A third said: "#EatenAlive complete waste of my time you didn't even get eaten alive you can't call a show eaten alive and not get eaten by your anaconda!"

Many even dubbed the stunt 'cruel' but Rosolie defended his actions as he claimed the stunt was done in a bid to raise money to save the snake's habitat and that the animal was not harmed.

He said at the time: "I wanted to do something to grab people’s attention to the plight of the disappearing rainforests, something completely crazy. Everything else has been tried."

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