Dad tries smelly fish challenge and ends up throwing up on camera

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A brave dad was filmed gagging and retching in pain when he took up the "smelly fish challenge" in a hilarious video.

Donald Maclennan, from Inverness, and his two sons Robbie, 11, and Jamie, 5, tried Swedish "delicacy" Surströmming, a fermented herring, from a tinned can but it did not end well.

Footage posted on YouTube shows the 38-year-old dad revealing the canned fish in front of the camera.

The second he opens the pressurised can, the brine solution nearly squirts into his eyes and moment after comes a putrid smell.

Donald and his two sons start regretting to do the challenge as they cover their nose.

Little Jamie takes a sniff at the can opening and describes the smell as "dog poo".

The Swedish Surströmming gained notoriety as one of the world's smelliest foods due to its long fermentation which allows the fish to develop a strong smell and somewhat acidic taste.

Before the trio can dig in to the cuisine, Robbie and Jamie flee the table and warn their dad that they will not be eating the fish.

Donald tries to hold his breath as he fights his way to get one of the fermented herring out of the can.

As soon as he brings it closer to his mouth, he starts retching violently and soon becomes physically sick.

But he keeps on trying and ends up puking in front of the camera.

Donald told Daily Record: "I can still smell it.

"It sprayed it all over me when I first opened it and the whole night I could smell the fish on me. I had to keep scrubbing my hands.

"My wee boy Jamie was like, 'nah I'm out, I'm out.'

"I really wanted to do it, I didn't want to give up. But the thought of it being in my mouth was making me gag even more than the smell."

But the father was happy that the video gave viewers a little morale boost and made them happy.

"It was just to make people laugh and it seems to have done the job," he added.

"The amount of messages I've had from people saying they were belly laughing at it makes it all worth it."

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