Dad that ‘rejected’ a lot of girls in youth wows TikTok with hunk pics

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It can often be uncomfortable to imagine our parents as young singletons navigating the dating scene prior to meeting for the first time. One TikTok user recently shared her jaw dropping experience of discussing this with her father, who admitted to “rejecting” a lot of women when he was in his youth. Malia Tohitau posted a video of her grey-haired father using his phone in the car, before revealing his heartbreaking good looks from years gone by, that made his choosy attitude to dating far less surprising.

Her video has now been viewed more than 12 million times, proving her dad’s impressive appearance would still turn heads today.

“My dad told me he rejected a lot of girls back in the day,” Malia wrote in the widely shared clip.

The video, starting with her father minding his own business as an older gentleman, then cuts to a picture of him from many years ago displaying a hulkish frame and jet black hair.

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In the next image he shows off his gleaming smile whilst playing the ukelele, demonstrating he offered more to prospective partners than mere attractive features.

A man of many looks, Malia then cut to a picture of her Dad wearing a pencil moustache and garish shell suit jacket.

Users couldn’t contain their admiration for the man’s appeal, although not everyone offered a glowing review.

One user wrote: “I bet the 80s was fire for him”.

Another chimed in: “Bro def had to reject a lot of girls your mom Hella lucky”.

“Last pic is majestic”, remarked one commenter.

Comparisons were made to wrestler turned movie star Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. However users weren’t universally complementary, with several noting he had a likeness to dearly departed football great Diego Maradona.

One TikTok user said: “If Maradona & The Rock had a baby”.

“If maradona and rock fused”, another wrote.

Backing the claim, another said: “Bro your dad is the rock and Maradona if they had a love child”.

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