Dad abandoned boy, 5, at school after finding out child was not biological son

A boy has been been abandoned at his kindergarten after his father discovered he was not his biological son.

The five-year-old was abandoned by the man at his kindergarten in China last week after he dropped the child off for the day.

Staff contacted his parents when no-one came to collect him at the end of the day but none of them wanted him back, reports the South China Morning Post.

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The boy’s teacher said the boy was enrolled at the kindergarten in April this year.

The school said his father would usually bring him to the kindergarten in Guangxi province, southern China, and pick him up at the end of each school day.

But the father, who was not named, told the teacher he wouldn’t come for the boy because he had discovered that he was not his own son after getting a paternity test. The father is said to have then told the kindergarten the boy was now the school’s problem.

The teacher later discovered that the boy's father had packed a change of clothes and a mobile phone in the boy’s bag on the last day he dropped him off.

The father continued to speak to the school on the phone after this but refused to collect the boy.

When the teacher went to the house where the boy had lived with his parents, she found it empty. The whereabouts of the boy’s mother is also unknown.

The teacher called the local police for help and they contacted the boy's grandfather and uncle, but both declined to take the little boy.

According to a news report by China's Nanning Radio and Television Station, the boy's mother was expected to pick him up this week.

The news has triggered outrage in China with many people shocked by the behaviour of the boy’s parents.

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One person wrote on the original news post on Weibo: “How innocent the boy is! The mum was unbelievably irresponsible."

Another said: “Obviously, the father had talked with his wife and relatives and no-one wanted the boy, which forced him to leave the kid in the kindergarten."

Under Chinese law the father has not committed the crime of abandonment because the boy is not his biological son.

However, if the biological mother refuses to raise him she would be committing a crime and could be jailed or placed under detention for up to five years.

Parents abandoning their children is not uncommon in China, but the number of orphans has declined in recent years.

Two weeks ago, police in Hainan province, southern China, investigated a mother who allegedly threw her newborn baby into a rubbish bin in front of a hotel.

Last month, medical workers in Shanghai saved a newborn baby left in a public toilet.

According to official data, there were about 193,000 orphans in China in 2020, 17 per cent lower than in 2019.

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