Crowds flee as fireworks fall on ‘hundreds’ of people at illegal display

Terrified residents were filmed running for their lives after several fireworks spiralled out of control and fell on them at a close distance.

Video taken on Bonfire Night (November 5) shows hundreds of spectators flouting the lockdown rules as they gather at Everton Park in Liverpool.

The crowd are seen trying to look for a perfect spot near the fully-packed car park to watch the display.

Some people can be heard cheering in the background as they watch the dark sky lights up in a colourful bonfire.

But it quickly turns sour as the pyrotechnics start falling close on the crowd, forcing them to run in terror.

At one point, there are fireworks shooting from both sides of the footpath and sparks are thrown over cars and people standing on the grass, many with children.

A witness told Liverpool Echo that there were about a hundred people out at the park shortly before 9pm.

They said it was "a miracle if no one was hurt" and added: "There were hundreds there. The car park was gridlocked and streets outside full of cars and the odd scrambler bike rider performing wheelies."

Merseyside Fire and Rescue tweeted yesterday: "We're receiving reports about a large number of people setting off fireworks in parks across Merseyside.

"Yes, it's Bonfire Night but this year is like no other.

"There are no organised displays this year for a reason."

In a message they put on their website, it is stated that building a bonfire on public land is not allowed.

"If we're called to a bonfire on public land, it will be extinguished," they wrote.

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