Couple’s hotel room invaded by wild monkeys who set up camp in jacuzzi

A wild monkey pool party has disrupted a couple's plans to kick back and relax after a day trip in their jacuzzi at their hotel room in southern Thailand on Wednesday.

The couple returned to their hotel room at the luxury resort in Krabi, hoping to enjoy the hot tub only to discover the wild monkeys had stolen their jacuzzi to throw their own party.

The pair were looking to unwind after a long day and make full use of the facilities at the plush resort.

However, when they returned they were given a big surprise as they heard the shrieking primates splashing around in the pool chasing chaos.

Footage shows the monkey leaping off a fence into the warm water, having the time of their life.

But it wasn't all light hearted fun and games – they did some damage too.

The animals also smashed a window in the hotel room during their over-excited play session as the couple had to move rooms.

In a video posted on Facebook, the monkeys can be seen living their best lives, diving into the steamy hot tub, swimming under the water, and jumping in from high up in a nearby tree the room.

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The holidaymaker, who did not want to be named, said the hotel wasn't at fault after the break in.

But they hoped lessons could be learned with the creatures being forced to keep their distance from the resort in the future.

"The hotel apologised for letting monkeys into our jacuzzi. I understand it's not their fault, but perhaps they could do more to prevent animals from getting near the rooms."

Staff said the monkeys had wandered down from nearby woodland and were probably cooling off in the water, with humid temperatures soaring past 35C earlier in the day.

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