Couple’s horror 160km/h car chase after picking up distressed woman

A couple say they were led on a 160km/h car chase in the middle of the night after picking up a distressed woman.

“We thought we were going to die. It was the scariest thing I’ve ever been through,” said Billy, 21, who did not want his last name published.

He says he and his partner were driving home to Tirau at about 1am on Wednesday after spending the evening visiting the Christmas lights in Hamilton.

“It was pitch black and I just see this girl lunge out of the bush waving her arms screaming for help.”

Billy said he pulled over to ask the girl what was wrong and she replied: “My partner has dumped me here, he’s taken my phone, cards and I only have $15”.

“She was balling her eyes out and it looked like she was in complete shock of mental state.”

The couple agreed to drop her in Tirau and contacted the police as soon she hopped in the car.

“She continued to sit and sob in the back… then just before we were about to take off we saw a car heading towards us swerving all over the road, over the yellow line causing on coming traffic to swerve around the vehicle,” Billy said.

“The guy got out of the car… He sculled his drink then threw it at our car.”

Meanwhile, Billy said the woman was screaming: “‘It’s him… please don’t let them take me I’m scared they are going to kill me.'”

“My instant reaction was to get out of there fast. I was led on a 160km/h speed chase as the vehicle tried to run me off the road on several occasions,” he said.

“If he had managed to have hit us at that speed, we both would have been dead.”

At the intersection connecting SH29 and SH1, the alleged offenders cut Billy off forcing him to slam on his brakes.

“It wasn’t until I came to a complete stop that I realise the girl had opened the back car door and jumped out of the car.

“The two males very aggressively ran out of the vehicle carrying alcohol bottles and weapons. They grabbed her and threw her in their car.”

During the car chase, Billy and his partner had been on the phone to a 111 police.

“I then sped off and was followed by the car for approximately four minutes… the driver then turned around and disappeared. The 111 operator stayed on the phone until we arrived home.”

A police spokesperson said they had been notified about the incident and were making inquiries. Charges were under consideration, the spokesperson said.

Billy said police officers came to their property this week and spent two hours taking notes before advising forensics would need to come inspect the vehicle.

The couple are yet to hear back. Meanwhile, Billy said he wasn’t allowed to take the $100 worth of food out of the car and their whole Christmas had been ruined.

“Due to this incident we are now out of pocket by a lot of money and can’t get to our families as we can’t use our car.

“It’s a shame that we tried to do something good for someone and then we have something like this happen to us.”

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