Couple filmed breaking into closed cinema and having sex in front of big screen

A randy couple were caught on CCTV staging their own raunchy scenes in front of a cinema's big screen.

The love-struck couple helped themselves to popcorn and drinks before unsuspectingly starring in their own movie in front of the big screen.

CCTV footage from the Kinograd cinema in St Petersburg's South Pole shopping centre showed the couple caught in the act on March 18.

They helped themselves to drinks and popcorn from the deserted food counter before disappearing into a screening room.

What they perhaps didn't realise was that they were the ones being screened as they enjoyed a steamy night together in the front row.

The following morning, the couple even managed to sneak out without being seen by security guards.

A cinema spokesperson said the couple respectfully cleaned up after themselves before leaving, but many internet users who saw the footage said the incident raised security issues in the shopping centre.

Local media said the cinema even wanted to offer them tickets for a special screening for being so considerate before leaving, further angering people who believe the authorities should punish them rather than reward them.

It comes after a couple who were allegedly caught having sex in a car were filmed trying to flee the scene with a policeman on the bonnet.

The frisky duo were reported to be acting suspiciously in a dark corner near a fast food restaurant in Selangor, Malaysia on March 9.

Video taken by onlookers captured the moment the couple drive away when the policemen asks the driver for his identification.

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