Council gives OAP Asbo for trying to preserve historic fountain using own tools

A pensioner was slapped with an Asbo – for trying to preserve a historic fountain.

Bob Mouland used his own tools to repair peeling paint and rust.

But when the council told him to stop work and he refused, the 71-year-old was given a community protection warning.

Mr Mouland said: “Seventy-one years without a blemish on my ­record, now this.”

His friend Mary Lawes said: “Good for Bob. The fountain was in a very poor state and Bob has done what the council wouldn’t do. The council seemed a bit heavy handed as only three lower areas need glossing and it would have been finished.

“Bob genuinely wants to support the town’s heritage for its people. He paid for all the paint and equipment himself and has overwhelming support from the community.”

The cast iron sculpture is more than 100 years old and was put up to honour quaker philanthropist Sidney Cooper Weston.

A Folkestone and Hythe council spokesman said: “It is a listed structure and can only be worked on with the relevant permissions. A Community Protection Warning was ­issued and signed by the individual.”

Members of Go Folke-stone are applying for Heritage Lottery Funds to refurbish the fountain.

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Town councillor Mary Lawes and friend to the amateur restorer said: "Good for Bob Mouland.

"The fountain was in a very poor state and Bob has done what the council wouldn't do. He has revitalised as well as protected the bottom part of the fountain.

"The council has never done a thing to it. It would have been in a really awful state if it had not been for a couple of local councillors, the community and the New Folkestone Society over the years."

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