Coronavirus: Winnipeg tattoo artist irked at reopening rules

A Winnipeg tattoo artist is perplexed after some non-essential businesses will be allowed to operate Monday as the province slowly reopens for business amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, while tattoo shops like his have no determined opening date.

Manitoba’s government said Wednesday hair salons, non-urgent medical services, retail businesses, restaurant patios, museums and other businesses will be allowed to reopen this coming week — with stringent public health measures in place, including increased cleaning and physical distancing protocols.

Tattoo studios, meanwhile, won’t be allowed to reopen until the third phase of the province’s reopening plan — with no set date.

“They have their hand over the pause button that says, ‘phrase three is to be determined’, and if there’s an influx of cases… they could stop that process and our businesses will be lost forever because we won’t even get a chance to recover economically,” said Phil McLellan, who operates Parlor Tattoos on Main Street with his wife, along with other artists.

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