Coronavirus: Okanagan animation studio creates lighthearted, wash-your-hands animation jam

An animation studio in B.C. has produced a lighthearted video reminding people to wash their hands during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Created by the artists at Yeti Farm Creative in Kelowna, the video is 51 seconds in length and features 18 brief clips, each featuring a hand-washing theme.

The studio says it “is helping to flatten the curve through an animation jam, where animators collaborated on a compilation of quirky and fun animations on how to wash your hands during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The clips vary greatly, but include a Lego figure getting smothered in hand sanitizer, a cow washing her hooves getting abducted by an alien spaceship and a saint washing his hands at a fountain before trying to cover up a hoard of toilet paper.

Though short, Ramsay said the project took a few weeks.

Ramsay said the initiative was sparked by her husband and studio business partner, Todd, and that artists were “to submit a short animation sequence of something to do with washing your hands.”

For more about Yeti Farm Creative, click here.

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