Coronavirus can spread a distance of 13 feet – DOUBLE the UK’s social distancing rules

A team of scientists from the Academy of Military Medical Sciences in Beijing examined surface and air samples to make the concerning revelation. The research has raised fresh questions about whether the UK Government’s six feet distancing guideline is enough. The Government has ordered people to stand at least six feet away from each other so the coronavirus can not spread between them.

This is one of the main measures Downing Street has taken to curb the spread of the disease in the UK, which has killed more than 108,000 people across the world so far.

The results of this study were published on Friday in Emerging Infectious Disease, a journal of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

They examined surface and air samples from an intensive care unit and COVID-19 ward at Huoshenshan Hospital in Wuhan, which is where the outbreak began.

The scientists discovered that aerosols with the virus in them were concentrated downstream 13 feet from where the patients were and smaller quantities could be found up to eight feet upstream.

They did say the traces of the disease 13 feet away from the infection were not always infectious.

The team found that gravity could be a reason why the floors of hospitals were a way for the virus to be transmitted.

The team wrote: ”Half of the samples from the soles of the ICU medical staff shoes tested positive.

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“Therefore, the soles of medical staff shoes might function as carriers.”

The UK Government has ordered people to stay at home as much as possible to save lives.

In order for people to stay six feet away from each other at all times, supermarkets are asking shoppers to queue outside.


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Over the Easter weekend, the police have been moving people on if they have failed to adhere to the social distancing rules.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has been blasted for not following social distancing rules, but he has denied this claiming chairs in his office are positioned to fit within the regulations.

Some Government experts have warned that social distancing rules could be required to stay in place for years to stop a second wave of the outbreak.

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