‘Cookie monster’ who poisoned husband’s biscuits and put body in freezer jailed

A woman who gave her abusive husband poisoned cookies and hid his body in the freezer has been jailed for 16 years.

Given the name 'Cookie Monster' for her use of spiked biscuits Rebecca Payne, 43, was found guilty of the murder of “bully” Noel Payne and has now been sentenced.

She has been told she will serve a minimum of 10 years following her conviction by a Supreme Court jury in regional Victoria, Australia.

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However, Ms Payne’s “claim for mercy is compelling” explained Supreme Court Justice Rita Incerti, who added that separating the “insidious abuse” from her motive for murder was impossible.

He forced her to have his name tattooed on her body 18 times, refused to allow her to go to her son’s funeral and prevented her lines of communication with friends and family.

In one instance, he took her to a graveyard and spat on her, grabbed her hair and kicked her ribs all for a fight over money.

The abuse was sexual, physical and emotional and in September 2020 she would give him a fatal dose of Temazepam.

She laced his biscuits and cup of chocolate drink Milo and then wrapped him in a blanket and put his body in the freezer in their home in the 170-person town Walpeup.

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At sentencing, Justice Incerti said: “You were trapped in an abusive, violent and cruel environment for over a decade.

“Your conduct and regrettable decision to kill Mr Payne cannot be disentangled from your circumstances and the family violence you endured at his hands.” She added the case “calls out loudly” for mercy.

She will be eligible for parole after 10 years served.

Speaking to theHerald Sun, her son Jamie said: “She lived for 14 years in hell with a monster.

“The kids need her. The community needs her. We all need her.”

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