Controversial singer who had oral sex on stage twerks on bar as crowd cheer

A controversial singer who had a fan perform oral sex on her on stage has set pulses racing once again, this time by twerking on a bar and slapping her own backside.

MC Pipokinha, whose real name is Doroth Helena de Sousa Alves, rose to infamy following the brazen act and has since courted controversy at every opportunity.

The Brazilian has made headlines for her topless ventures into the crowd, letting a cat lick her nipples and starting a huge street party.

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Videos have now emerged of the performer dancing on a bar in front of a large crowd, twerking and shaking her bum in tiny shorts, as she slaps herself.

In a nearly minute-long video, the crowd can be seen recording her and cheering her on at the same time.

In one instance, an eager fan is seen taking it upon themselves to spank MC Pipokinha, before the singer quickly brushes their hand away and shakes her finger, telling them to stop — with her security guard also doing the same thing.

This comes as earlier this month, the Brazilian has been locked in a legal battle with Meta over her Instagram account.

She had one of her Instagram pages taken down for "violating the community guidelines regarding sexual content", while her second account, which posts marginally less explicit content, remained active.

She won the court case, with her account now having been reinstated, but the social media giants decided to appeal the ruling and the outcome is still pending.

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