Conspiracy says North Korea leader Kim Jong-un has been replaced by body double

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A bizarre conspiracy claims Kim Jong-un has been replaced with a double after the North Korean leader showcased his huge weight loss.

The controversial figure weighed 140kg in 2019 – but is now thought to weight around 120kg, according to the reclusive state's National Intelligence Service (NIS).

It has sparked bizarre conspiracy theorists to claim the new Kim is actually a completely different person, reports The Express.

One person tweeted: "Apparently big Kim was left in a vegetative state after a botched heart job a year ago and his team were petrified his sister would take over, so is this new Kim?"

Another commenter pointed out: "Not the same person. Earlobes are different."

Whilst someone else argued: “Not a chance. This isn't him. It's like spot the difference!"

But according to experts, any suggestion the Supreme Leader has enlisted a double is completely untrue.

With the help of artificial intelligence technology and a super-resolution video used by the NIS, authorities reckon the reason for the dramatic downsize could merely be an attempt to be healthier and slim down the waistline.

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Another Twitter user said: "People thought he was dead when he was actually just hitting the gym."

In February last year, Kim – who is around five feet, eight inches tall – vanished for three weeks.

A few months later, he disappeared again and whispers he had died or was seriously ill following a botched heart operation appeared

Not long after, North Korean officials released footage showing the highly-secretive leader visiting a newly-opened fertiliser plant.

But it didn’t quash the conspiracies and several people argued the North Korean leader’s nose, ears and hair were different.

Human rights activist Jennifer Zeng wrote at the time: “Is the Kim Jong-un appearing on May 1 the real one?”

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