Conscious Alliance serves Thanksgiving feasts to Marshall Fire families – The Denver Post

A full Thanksgiving meal, including the turkey, came two days early for 350 families on Tuesday afternoon.

Conscious Alliance, a national hunger relief organization based in Broomfield, along with their normal holiday distributions, set up a special event for families affected by the Marshall Fire.

“Today, we are continuing our support to our friends, family and community who lost their homes in the Marshall Fire,” Executive Director Justin Levy said. “It’s coming up on a year, and it’s been really important to us to continue to show up for our community. It takes longer than a few weeks or months to get through something like this.”

Between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. Tuesday, cars lined up outside of Conscious Alliance’s Broomfield headquarters while volunteers loaded each vehicle up with everything needed for a full Thanksgiving meal, as well as gift cards for local brands and businesses.

Levy said Conscious Alliance works with many schools in the area, so identifying families who were affected by the Marshall Fire was simple, and the nonprofit has been continuously working with the families during the last year.

“I am so grateful for and hope that the Thanksgiving meal that you are giving would brighten many Marshall Fire-affected residents’ holidays,” a local benefitting family said in a release from Conscious Alliance. “It’s been almost a year since the fire, but it’s been overwhelming and stressful, and we still need to take care of many fire-related things. Anything and everything helps.”

Conscious Alliance Board of Directors President Peter-Christian Olivo said this event, and others specific to the Marshall Fire, have been a great chance to get out in the community and build a strong network of volunteers.

“The Marshall Fire happened in our backyard, so it was a chance to really think locally and give back to the community,” Olivo said. “So much of what we do is behind the scenes, and this was an opportunity to bring in a ton of volunteers that were not familiar with Conscious Alliance but knew what we were doing for the fire victims. Today is just a continuation of that because there is still a lot of need for fire victims.”

Olivo said Thanksgiving is his favorite holiday, so having the opportunity to give back to others so they can enjoy it as well means everything to him.

“It’s a time where I really am thankful that I have what I have in my life,” Olivo said. “To be able to give back to those who are less fortunate during this time, Thanksgiving is really symbolic of that. Being with friends and family and enjoying a good meal, not everyone is able to do that. So hopefully, we can provide that for those who may be struggling and make it a bit easier on them and a bit more enjoyable.”

Levy said Conscious Alliance’s name means exactly that – an alliance of people coming together – and he hopes that seeing the vision of volunteers, business owners and families coming together to make this event happen sends the right message to the community.

“No action is too small,” Levy said. “If we all do what we can we’re going to be in a better place. It’s a community coming together to create positive change.”

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