Conjoined babies born with two heads, four arms and two legs stuns doctors

Conjoined twins have astonished doctors after being born with four arms, two legs and two heads.

The babies were not a surprise to the mother who was aware that she was expecting conjoined twins – her identity remains anonymous.

They were born at Mansoura University Hospital in Egypt and in the nine-month leading up to their birth the pregnancy was considered conventional.

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From the torso down they look like one child, but from above, they each have a head and a neck.

They also have two arms each.

The twins were born by c-section and their genders have not yet been revealed.

It is believed that, because they share too many organs in the chest, the children will never be separated.

They have now been moved to a specialist children’s hospital to continue their treatment.

The Mirror reports that this isn’t always the case though, with the separation of conjoined twins a doable medical practice.

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At Great Ormond Street Hospital in London in September of this year, conjoined twins were separated via surgery.

They had been conjoined from the chest down to the pelvis and the operation was considered a success.

The children’s parents, Hannah and Dan Bateson, shared the news of the successful operation on social media.

They wrote in a post: “Annie and Issie have been separated. It was a very long day, their surgery lasted until the early hours of Tuesday morning but our wee girlies did so well."

"There is a long recovery in front of them and we expect there to be some bumps along the way but they are strong wee ladies and are being well cared for.

"I just want to say THANK YOU, the love we have been shown has been completely overwhelming and the prayers that have been said for them have carried us through. The team that carried out the girl's surgery are just amazing and we are very grateful."

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