China’s LIES allowed to fester due to Europe’s shameful coronavirus response, warns ex-MEP

Speaking to TalkRADIO, Ms Phillips claimed US President Donald Trump has been the only one to act appropriately as soon as it was discovered by Five Eyes that China had incorrectly informed the world coronavirus was not transmissible human to human. She said: “Britain alongside Europe have been very dozy on this front. America is the only country under Trump that has woken up and said right, this ends now.

“What we’ve now discovered with this leaked Five Eyes report – and Five Eyes is basically the intelligence services of the anglosphere, so it’s the intelligence services of the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand – we know on the 28th of January that Five Eyes briefed Donald Trump and said okay, China has been telling porky pies.

“The virus is highly contagious between humans and before they said it wasn’t, and essentially while they had put the Wuhan provence into lockdown and prevented anyone leaving Wuhan to go into rest of China, they were allowing international flights to go all around the world for about a month while they knew what was going on.”

Ms Phillips accused the Chinese government of destroying evidence that would now be useful for the development of a vaccine against coronavirus.

But despite claims the Chinese Government produced the virus in a laboratory in Wuhan, the UK Government has not seen any evidence to suggest that Covid-19 is a man-made strain of coronavirus, the Health Secretary has now confirmed.

Matt Hancock made the assertion after being asked whether it had been more than a “coincidence” that there were two laboratories researching coronavirus in the Chinese city of Wuhan, the epicentre of the outbreak, before the pandemic started.

The theory was given added traction last week when US President Donald Trump suggested he was confident that the Wuhan Institute of Virology was the origin of the deadly outbreak.

In a briefing at the White House on Thursday, Mr Trump described it as a “terrible thing that happened” and questioned whether it was a “mistake” or “did somebody do something on purpose”.

Mr Hancock, asked about the rumour by a Sky News viewer during a question-and-answer programme on Wednesday, said the Government had investigated the accusation but was yet to find any evidence.

“Well, we have looked into this but we don’t have any evidence,” he said.

“There isn’t evidence that this is a man-made coronavirus.

“I understand what John (the viewer) is getting at but we haven’t seen any evidence of that link.”

Asked what he thought had caused the Trump administration to push the theory, the Cabinet minister said: “The president phrased his comments very carefully.

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“We haven’t seen any evidence of a link and so there is nothing I have seen that confirms the discussion, the allegation that John is referring to that I know some people are talking about.”

Senior World Health Organisation officials, in response to Mr Trump’s comments, have said they were “assured that this virus is natural in origin”.

The Chinese government has also said that any claims that the coronavirus was released from a laboratory are “unfounded and purely fabricated out of nothing”.

Mr Hancock said there would have to be mitigation put in place in the future to prevent another disease like Covid-19 from making its way to humans.

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