China seals off major city – 11 million locked down days after WHO team BLOCKED from visit

China not opening up is ‘concerning’ says Tory MP Tugendhat

China has locked down Shijiazhuang, the capital of Hebei Province, with millions of residents banned from leaving the major city.

The move will spark fears China has not brought the virus under control, despite boasting low case numbers in recent weeks and months.

It comes after China blocked a team of WHO virologists from visiting.

Netherlands-based BNO News tweeted: “Shijiazhuang, the capital of China’s Hebei province, bans people from leaving the city due to coronavirus outbreak

“Gaocheng District in China’s Hebei province put on total lockdown due to coronavirus outbreak.”

China’s state-run Global Times newspaper has reported that all train ticket sales from neighboring Hebei province into the capital have been suspended, with Shijiazhuang’s long-distance bus station closed.

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Officials have declared Hebei to be in “wartime mode” against the virus.

Tom Tugendhat, the chairman of Parliament’s Foreign Affairs committee, has described China’s decision to prevent the WHO officials from entering as “concerning”.

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